Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Real Reason

So I noticed today that I'm not good at this blogging thing....I also noticed that the only reason I started a blog was to keep up with all of the other blogs I read. I mainly just log on to my blog and check other peoples from there. How silly is that? At least it saves room in my favorites section. I like a go-to place for everything I read for the day I just don't read my own blog apparently.
Anyways as of late there has been two very important things that I have been following via my own blog following other peoples blog.

*First: I have been dying to read this book written by a dear friend of mine about her travels to Europe and the spiritual journey she encountered while there. Finally! I opened up my blog to link to her blog to read (I know thats really how I do it...sad) that her book "Reading 10,000 Books: A Journey of Body and Soul" by Peggy Pate Smith, was now available for purchase. I was so delighted I bought it right then and there and can't wait to ready it. I think this summer reading will stick with me and inspire me. If you would also like to be inspired this summer her book can be purchased here. Her blog about peace is also very inspiring to me and you can follow her here.

*Second: Some dear friends of ours are in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. Their journey is a constant reminder of faith, hope and love. I must have been on a buying spree yesterday. I bought both the book and the shirt "Love is not a color" to help the Osburn's with their adoption. I had been meaning to purchase this shirt for awhile and it has slipped my mind until the other day I was getting my hair cut and my hairdresser was complaining about people calling her racist because she was campaigning for certain candidates in our upcoming elections. I told her she needed to by the shirt and wear it to all of her major events. She had not hear about this shirt so I was able to share the Osburn's story with her. This time next week the Osburn's they will be in Ethiopia and our prayers are with them! You can also follow their journey here! While your there buy a shirt!

There will be lots of shop updates this week and I hope to post some pictures! Stay tuned!

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